6 Oncoradiomics

6 Oncoradiomics

Knowledge engineering
Clos Chanmurly 13, 4000 Liege
Principal Investigator: Dr. Sean Walsh

“Revolutionizing Precision Medicine with Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers” That is what we at Oncoradiomics stand for. Healthcare has gotten more challenging and expensive throughout the years. Finding the right treatment for the right patient is essential to continue the delivery of high-quality, individualised healthcare.
Oncoradiomics is a spin-off company which will achieve more effective, individualized screening & therapy for cancer patients thanks to quantitative imaging. Oncoradiomics has two core proprietary technology platforms to enable this. RADIOMICS™ is an innovative imaging analysis software solution that enables the extraction of unique quantitative features (and associated radiomics signatures) from standard images to guide personalized cancer treatment. DISTRIM™ allows the analysis of large amounts of images in a distributed fashion. Our mission is to enable the right cancer diagnose & treatment for the right patient with quantitative imaging.