7 Mirada Medical

7 Mirada Medical

Science and Technology
New Road OCFI, OX1 1BY, Oxford
United Kingdom
Principal Investigator: Mr. Mark Gooding

Mirada Medical is a prominent global brand in medical imaging software. Mirada’s innovative software solutions are routinely used in radiology, molecular imaging, radiation oncology and in multidisciplinary meetings throughout hospitals, imaging centres and cancer centres worldwide. Mirada excels at combining scientifically advanced technology with practical application for diagnosis, management and treatment of cancer and other diseases. Mirada products are available directly from the company, and also through a broad network of well-known healthcare companies such as Varian, GE, McKesson, Siemens, Vital Images and select others. Mirada was originally founded in 2001 by medical imaging researchers at Oxford University. The company’s world headquarters remains in Oxford, England and continues to attract preeminent talent in science and engineering.