8 Perspectum Diagnostics

8 Perspectum Diagnostics

New road Oxford centre of Innovation, OX1 BY, Oxford
United Kingdom
Principal Investigator: Mr. Ged Ridgway

PD is an innovative company that provides medical imaging software to clinicians, technicians and researchers to accurately quantify MR images. It was founded in 2012 by physicians, scientists, and engineers with patented technology and know-how to develop solutions for major unmet needs in diagnostic medicine. We focus on the detection and the accurate, quantitative measurement of liver disease, which is difficult to detect in its early stages. We have built the first non-invasive, quantitative and accurate image analysis tools to diagnose liver disease or monitor response to treatment. Our first imaging analysis software, LiverMultiScan, has gained CE marking and FDA clearance. Further developments include biliary imaging (2017) and HCC characterisation (2018-19).