about ESR(01) Sergey Primakov

ESR(01) Sergey Primakov

PhD student at Maastricht University

Improving cancer treatment with radiomics and machine learning approaches

There are 3 ongoing projects:
•Designing an automatic pipeline for lung cancer segmentation using deep-learning and radiomics
•Detecting metastatic spots on nuclear medicine images using deep-learning
•Automatic segmentation of brain tumors on MR images using deep-learning

Specialist degree (equal to BSc+MSc) in Biomedical engineering 2016, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia. PhD candidate, University of Maastricht, the Netherlands

Sergey Primakov has a specialist degree in Biomedical engineering (The diploma of Specialist, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia). During his specialty education and following work experience, he has dealt with a wide range of mathematical and statistical tasks, such as designing trading strategies for hedge funds, demodulation FSK and AM signals and processing physiological signals as ECG, pulse oximetry and impedance plethysmography. In his graduation project he created a working prototype of cochlear speech processor with several sound processing algorithms. After graduation he has worked with machine learning techniques in medical imaging. In 2018, he started a PhD position in the University of Maastricht, focusing on Deep Learning approach for creating predictive models for cancer patients and auto-segmentation of tumor regions.

Sergey has strong skills in programming, machine learning and processing of medical images. He has experience and knowledge in electrical engineering, signal processing and radiology field.