about ESR(03) William Rogers

ESR(03) William Rogers

PhD student at Health Innovation Ventures

Research focus on Indeterminate Pulminary Nodules (IPN)

There is a need to have accurate automated predictive capabilies to detect malignet tumors. Machine learning and Radiomics are used to create predictive models. Wiliams focus is on discovering and implementing additional features, using them to create improved Machine Learning models, and implementing a final model in production to be used in the radiomics platform.

William Rogers is originally from the United States.  He worked for a division of an Energy Consulting Company that uses predictive analytics. Next he moved to Australia and completed a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics (The focus was on predictive analytics). Following his masters he worked for HealthDirect Australia as a Data Analyst. And in 2018 he was accepted into the Predict research project and relocated first to Milan but is now working in Maastricht.