about ESR(07) Francesco Sforazzini

ESR(07) Francesco Sforazzini

PhD student at DKFZ Heidelberg

Multi-Scale Radiomics based Predictive Models for Tumour and Normal Tissue Response to Radiotherapy

After his Master degree in Medical Physics, Francesco worked on multiple projects focused on image analysis. He developed methods for studying the functional properties of the brain, in both mice and humans, using resting-state functional MRI1,2. He developed a MR-based registration method for head motion correction in MR-PET studies3. He helped developing a new framework for automatic analysis of neuroimaging experiments1.

In his PhD he will be focused on predicting the tumor evolution under radiotherapy. To achieve that, he will collect data from multiple centers and will build the analysis framework to predict the tumor response using imaging-based radiomics features and machine learning algorithms.

1 Sforazzini et al. NeuroImage, 2013; 2 Zhan (Sforazzini) et al. Nat Neuroscience 2014; 3 Chen, Sforazzini et al. HBM, 2018; 4 Close (Sforazzini) et al. preprint, 2018