about ESR(14) Nora Vogt

ESR(14) Nora Vogt

PhD student at Perspectum Diagnostics

The value of MRI-Radiomics in characterising liver lesions.

Nora holds a MSc in Medical Informatics from the University of Lübeck. As an intern at INSERM in Nancy she worked on CNNs, LSTMs and Attention networks for pathology detection in ECG data. Next she did an intern at Philips GmbH Innovative Technologies in Hamburg related to Spine centerline extraction and efficiet spine reading of MRI and CT data. In this PhD project she will focus on:

  • Liver lesion segmentation and characterisation in quantitative LiverMultiScan MRI (cT1, T2*, and PDFF) using deep learning methods
  • Derive Radiomics signatures from multi-modality data (e.g. LMS, T1 VIBE, and contrast-enhanced images) and relate tumour characterisations with therapy outcomes like post-operative survival
  • Tumour progression prediction: identify precancer characteristics by analysing tumour surrounding liver tissue in cases of known HCC